The Municipality of Karditsa with fast steps in electrification


Tsiakos: We look to the future respecting the past

Another important step in the direction of a more environmentally friendly city is the Municipality of Karditsa, by submitting a proposal to the Green Fund for the preparation of a study for the installation of charging stations and the location of parking spaces for electric vehicles (cars, buses and buses). This is a decisive step in the direction of promoting e-mobility in our region. In particular, the proposal to the Green Fund concerns the financing of 59,520 euros, an amount which will be directed to the preparation of a study for a local Electric Vehicle Charging Plan (SFIO).

Based on the design of the Municipality and the specifications of the program, in the Municipality of Karditsa will be studied 57 electric chargers (one per 1000 inhabitants) and corresponding parking spaces for electric vehicles. The places where the chargers will be placed and the parking spaces will be located, will be the subject of the study. However, it is considered certain that they will be located in places of increased traffic (eg Lake Plastira Dam, seats of former Kapodistrian Municipalities, points of archaeological or environmental interest and of course within the city). Regarding the development of the network when the study is completed, it will be done either entirely by the Municipality or in collaboration with private companies operating in the field of electricity.

After the submission of the proposal, the Mayor of Karditsa Mr. V. Tsiakos stated: “The submission of the proposal and our reasonable expectation that it will be approved, strengthens the profile of the Municipality of Karditsa as a Municipality that is trying to make a turn in the future, following all the latest developments in the field of electric propulsion. Recently, our Municipality has been marking an impressive course that has aroused nationwide and pan-European interest, in the field that we call sustainable mobility. It is definitely a process in which we are at the beginning but at the same time we consider that we are a pioneer. E-mobility is the mode of transportation that will be adopted worldwide in the near future. We follow the relevant developments and participate in the global becoming. And all this while maintaining our character and our special way of life with the bike giving the tone. So I would say that global and local interact in a creative way, giving our region a distinct identity. The Municipal Authority works continuously. He works to heal wounds but mainly works to open the window to the future that this place needs. I believe that with a joint effort and the participation of all our conspirators, we will succeed “, concludes the Mayor of Karditsa in his statement.