Electric bicycles from the Municipality of Karditsa for Delivery companies


Apply for a free trial

The Municipality of Karditsa invites those companies that make deliveries of light products (delivery) and wish to try the use of an electric bicycle, to express their interest in the Municipality of Karditsa.

The SURF (sustainable urban freight) program subsidized the Municipality of Karditsa with four electric bicycles aiming to create a zone of low carbon dioxide emissions. This zone is defined by the streets Ezekiel – A. Papandreou – Ypsilantou and Iroon Polytechnic. The companies located in this zone have priority in the use of municipal electric bicycles, while in the second phase of the program (scale up) the bicycles will be given to companies outside the zone in order to get acquainted with the electric drive and the replacement of polluting vehicles in delivery. products. The period of concession of the use of bicycles in the first phase of the program is 40-50 days, while in the second phase 3 months.