The Municipality of Karditsa, having set its goal to be ready to meet the challenges and requirements of electromobility, has completed the procedures for the preparation of the Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging in its area. The objective of such a plan is the location of charging stations and the organization of corresponding electromobility infrastructure, with the aim of increasing the demand for electric vehicles and taking care of the requirements of existing ones.

The Municipality of Karditsa with the support of the contractor company, proceeded to identify the existing characteristics of traffic, parking, urban and spatial organization of the city of Karditsa and the nearby communities of the municipality, through analyzing and mapping, as well as, assessing of the available capacity of the power supply network. This process was harmonized with the future program of reconstructions and interventions of the Municipality of Karditsa in the common area, environmental restrictions, and future social and economic developments of the country.

Through this plan, the municipality placed the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a way that will meet the future needs of the electric car market and will take into account the characteristics of the municipality’s transport system, the spatial organization, its future development as well as the limitations of the network. It is important to note that not only the installation of chargers for private cares is being investigated, but also for catering vehicles, taxis and micro-mobility vehicles, which overall make up the city’s urban mobility system. In this way, the Electric Vehicle Charging Plan will be a component of the wider policy of the Municipality of Karditsa for the promotions of the sustainable urban mobility.

As a result of the analysis carried out and the participatory procedures, a total of 36 points were decided on which electric vehicle charging stations are to be installed, equivalent to 77 charging positions. The Chargers will be installed in the city of Karditsa, in Karditsomagoula, Artesiano, Mitropolis, Kalithiro, Kastania, Kallifoni, Makrichori, Prodromos and Stavros. More specifically, these 77 charging positions relate to:

  • 62 charging positions for private cars.
  • 8 charging positions at taxi stations for the needs of professionals
  • 1 charging position for loading and unloading vehicles charging need.
  • 5 charging positions for vehicles of PWD.
  • 1 charging position for tourist buses.

The installation of charging stations, according to planning at the national level, is expected to be implemented within the next three years.